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Large Scale Energy Systems in Utah and Idaho for Businesses, Warehouses, Apartments Buildings and Solar Car Ports.​

Energy Systems That Scale With Your Business

The Right Fit For Your Business

Your energy needs today can quickly change tomorrow. We work closely with each and every business to understand your objectives and what’s to come. We design your systems specifically to your business and ensure that you have an open platform to add any additional energy applications down the road.

Commercial Energy Services

Grid Tied & Off-Grid Solar

If you’re a business owner, switching to solar can make a big difference in your business’ carbon footprint and the bottom line. The ROI from commercial solar makes great financial sense for almost every business.

Electric Fleet Charging

We offer electric vehicle charger (EVC) installation for single passenger vehicles and fleets. We install EV chargers at private homes, businesses and apartment buildings.

battery backup building utah

Commercial Battery Backup

Commercial battery backup is a terrific solution to protect against power outages, reduce your utility bill, and correct power quality issues. In addition to these benefits to your business, your battery can also improve the reliability of the local electric grid. We will work with you and your local utility to determine if there are incentives available to help offset the cost in return for the benefits you will provide to the grid. We offer everything from large-scale outdoor systems to small indoor backup power. Batteries can be installed with or without on-site solar.

Energy Efficient Backup Generators

Through our sister company Wheeler Power Systems, we are able to offer commercial backup generators.

Remote System Monitoring

Your energy system isn’t complete without state of the art monitoring. Watch your power generation and usage in real time.

Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair

We don’t just design and install power systems, we provide 24/7 service and support. Rooted in our deep technical expertise and decades of hands-on experience, Gardner’s technicians provide our customers with the gold standard in safety and performance by providing superior service. We will be there to support you for the life of your system.

Solar Car Ports

There’s no better use for your parking lot space than to create clean energy for your business. Solar carports offer shade, weather protection and green energy production. When you construct covered parking using solar, the entire structure qualifies for the Federal 26% tax credit!

Microgrid Controls

In order to offer cleaner, more resilient alternatives to traditional methods of generating electricity, Gardner has developed power systems that combine power generation resources including solar, batteries, and/or generator sets. Using advanced controls, these resources may be dispatched to provide electricity in a variety of ways to meet the specific goals of your business such as lowest emissions, lowest carbon footprint, or lowest cost of energy, to name a few. These microgrid systems can power a single building or an entire campus or neighborhood. They are currently deployed in a diverse range of commercial, industrial, governmental, and utility applications including hospitals, universities, resorts, powerplants, and more.

Microgrid Solutions

A microgrid-ready power system gives you the ability to adapt to whatever the future may bring. All of our systems are scalable to meet the demands of your business. To keep you up and running during a power outage, our skilled team can add an emergency battery or generator backup system to your existing system at any time.

The Gardner Guarantee

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10 Year

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Return On Investment

Commercial solar systems cost less and save you more than you might think. Find out how much you can save by giving us a call!

solar tax credit
Tax Incentives

The newly updated commercial tax credit is 30%. This credit applies to solar installation, battery systems and structures.


Gardner offers financing for commercial power generation systems. We identify financing to meet your business’ needs.