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Solar Panel & Battery Systems For Your House

We are a top solar panel installer in Utah, Idaho and surrounding areas. We install high quality solar panels, Tesla Powerwall battery systems, electric car chargers and home generator backups.

Start Your Home Energy System The Right Way

Your Family's Energy Journey

The journey starts with a system that serves you today and is compatible with your future. From adding solar and batteries to backing up your home with a generator, we help you protect your investment by making sure it’s ready for whatever your future holds.

Built For Today, Ready For Tomorrow


We use only the latest and greatest technologies and we’re choosing the most trusted products available.


The safety and longevity of your systems are two of our top priorities. We choose the longest lasting products.


The world around us changes quickly. Your business grows and technology advances. That’s why we design systems that can grow with you.

Infinitely Compatible Technology That Grows With Your Family


Our energy systems adapt and grow with your family’s needs. You may start with the goal of becoming more eco friendly by going solar. As your family grows, adding a battery to your system will make your home more resilient. Moving into the future, our open platform systems allow you to add EV charging to your system. As energy rates rise over your lifetime, rest easy that you have your energy rates locked in.

Home Energy Services

Grid Tied Solar

Thanks to the decreasing costs of solar technology along with an excellent selection of state, local, and federal tax incentives, there’s never been a better time to go solar. As one of the leading solar panel installation companies in the West, Gardner Energy has provided hundreds of custom solar panel systems to homes all over the state.

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Off Grid Solar

There is no better feeling than being able to go off the grid — to feel self-sufficient and to cut energy bill costs significantly. An off-grid solar power system can do just that. Additionally, it can help you save on expensive city grid connections and on fuel costs. And, even though switching to an alternative energy source can feel like a major investment, the savings, incentives, convenience, and other benefits you experience will provide a quick return on that initial investment.

Home Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Electric vehicles are on the rise! Gardner installs EV fast chargers in your house. We can add a charger to any home with or without a solar system.

Home Battery Backup

Energy Storage systems, with or without solar, provide battery backup power when the utility goes down, protecting your home and family against power outages.

Solar + Energy Storage systems allow you to use the energy your solar produces, even when the sun isn’t shining.

For our customers with Time of Use Rates, our Energy Storage systems save you money by allowing you to charge your battery when the power is cheapest, and discharge when utility power is most expensive.

Battery backup options include Tesla Powerwall, Enphase, Sonnen and most other battery systems.

Energy Efficient Backup Generators

Backup everything with a Generac home generator. Whether you add a generator to your renewable energy system, or install a stand-alone generator, ensure your family’s resilience and reduce or eliminate your dependence on the grid.

Remote Solar & Battery Monitoring

All of our solar, battery, EV charger and generator systems offer remote monitoring. Monitoring allows you to watch your system’s power generation and usage in real time!

Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair

We offer a host of services for your home. We will take care of any cleaning, maintenance or repair on your solar, battery, EV charger or home generator. Click the button below to see all of our service offerings.

Our Heritage

We helped establish the alternative energy industry and we’ll continue to lead the way into the future.

The Gardner Guarantee

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10 Year

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solar tax credit

Tax Incentives

The current federal tax credit of 30% applies to solar installation, battery systems and structures. 

Zero-Down Financing

We have multiple financing options available. Give us a call to find out more.