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We're a team of energy enthusiasts,

here to bring modern energy solutions to the residential and commercial markets. Gardner Energy is on the forefront of using proven, dependable technology to improve our customers’ lives, homes and businesses. We helped establish the solar industry when it was in its infancy, and we’ll be around to support our customers as it continues to evolve. Rest assured that you’re in the right hands.

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Residential Energy

Gardner has paved the way to alternative energy, from solar panels for your house to battery backup systems. We design, build and maintain home power systems to make your home more resilient, to reduce your eco footprint and lock in your energy rates.

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Commercial Energy

Businesses benefit greatly from investing in their energy future. The ROI on a commercial solar panel installation makes going green a no brainer. Look no further for solar on your building, batteries to keep you up and running and generator backups to make you resiliant.

One of the longest-standing solar energy companies in the nation - serving the Intermountain West since 2004.

Dependable Energy By Design

Inflexible solutions leave you with limited options to adapt and embrace change. Over the past 20 years in the energy industry, the Gardner team has watched these frustrations grow.

Your energy needs are changing quickly. Everyday, new technology emerges that has the potential to make your life more fruitful and resilient. But just keeping up with new technology can be overwhelming. Rapid advancements require the knowledge and experience to implement safe, reliable and flexible solutions.


At Gardner Energy, our forward-thinking team of experts is hyper-focused on providing solutions for today with your future in mind. System adaptability, flexibility, and longevity is fundamental at Gardner. We’re looking out for you every step of the way – from helping you choose the components that are right for you, to custom-engineering your solution, to building a safe and durable system, to supporting you for the life of your system. Rest assured that your investment is right for you today, and open to whatever your future holds. We helped establish the solar industry when it was in its infancy, and we’ll be around to support our customers as it continues to evolve. We’ve always been ahead of the technology curve, so our customers don’t get left behind.

Our Products & Services

Grid Tied Solar

Save money and create clean energy in your community

Off Grid Solar

Resilient and prepared, off-grid solar gives your home the security you need

Battery Backup Systems

Battery backup for your home or business is more affordable than ever

EV Charger Installation

Fast charging for your electric vehicle helps you shorten the wait

Energy Efficient Generators

Extend your resiliency with an energy efficient home or business generator

System Service & Repair

Cleaning solar panels, replacing inverters and checking on your system’s health

Custom Energy Systems Fit To Meet Your Needs

Your system is designed to meet your individual home and business energy goals. Our expert designers custom fit each and every system to generate and store power to match your exact needs.


Our Process