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Go Solar To Hit Your CSR Goals

Going solar can build your companies corporate social responsibility image. More than ever customers, employees, executives and investors are looking for businesses that are creating profitable and sustainable futures.  Installing solar shows the world that you’re taking measures to move away from fossil fuels and to invest into clean and efficient power generations sources.

How going green makes an impact on your bottom line

Customers without a doubt appreciate efforts to minimize a company’s environmental impacts but is that enough to drive higher revenue? According to research by Centrica Business Solutions, 68% of sustainable business owners see their renewable energy efforts help them succeed and remain profitable in the long run.

1.       Sustainable businesses attract a new and growing customer base that are looking for more eco friendly companies. A 2021 Simon-Kucher & Partners sustainability study shows that 85% of people globally are buying into brands that are more sustainable.

2.       Retaining and recruiting talent is crucial to your business success. The IMB Institute for Business Value study from 2021 shows corporate social responsibility continuously increases the attraction of potential candidates. A survey of employees showed two-thirds of people are more likely to apply for jobs from an environmentally friendly employer.

3.       A 2020 academic study from Coventry University shows CSR helps companies create competitive advantages with improved performance. CSR goals push companies to hit metrics and work as a team towards a larger goal.

These great benefits push you company forward while also cutting your power bills and reducing reliance on the energy grid. With a 6-8 year ROI, hitting CSR goals has never made more sense.

If you’re looking to hit your corporate sustainability goals in the greater Utah, Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming areas let Gardner know! We can walk you through all of your options to see what the best fit is for your business.

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