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Resilient Business With Microgrid Technologies

How solar microgrid technology improves your businesses resilience

Advances in commercial solar, battery, natural gas generators and EV charger technology have been strengthening our energy landscape throughout Utah and the Intermountain West. Decentralized power production and energy storage makes it possible to create a self sufficient business for hours, days and even weeks.

Distributed power from utility companies is becoming more unreliable and utility rates continue to get more expensive. Most of the energy produced is generated at a centralized power plant that sends electricity to homes and businesses through the electrical grid. Your power can easily be disrupted anywhere along its journey from the power plant to you location. Having your business relying 100% on a single entity is a big liability when the cost of downtime can be astronomical.

Take Control Of Your Power

Power generation and storage in your own hands is an economical way to ensure that your business doesn’t experience any downtime. The cost of a power outage ads up significantly depending on the size of your business. A simple solar and battery setup can keep your business moving. Add in a generator system and you can ensure a full self sufficient energy system that makes sure your business doesn’t skip a beat.

Commercial solar panels on their own aren’t technically enough to make your business resilient. The system still requires connection to a working electrical grid. For safety reasons, the utility power company will shut down solar energy production when their grid is down. Solar in combination with an energy storage system gives your energy system the ability to have continued power when the grid goes down as well as the ability to continue to generate energy from your solar array.

Solar in conjunction with other technologies to create microgrids can build a strong energy system that quickly responds to fluctuations in your energy grid. This balance in energy production and use, brings large buildings, manufacturing, municipalities, hospitals and other essentials businesses into a more self-reliant energy landscape. We can achieve reliable power while moving in an ecofriendly direction.

Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Colorado have specific resiliency requirements that are unique to our landscape. Be sure to talk to qualified technicians in your area to get the most out of your system.

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