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High Tech Microgrid Systems For Business

What is a microgrid?

A microgrid is a network of electricity with a local source of power that supplies the system. These systems can be attached to the larger municipal grid or operate independently from the larger grid. In a microgrid all of the energy that is created, distributed, and consumed is used in the same network. 

Microgrid systems are broken down into their individual parts from power generation, storage, utility connection and a management system. These networks can be very simple and scale up to incredibly complex. System designs are based on what your business or community needs. Each unique microgrid matches the resources available for power generation from solar, batteries and wind all the way up to large scale natural gas generation and hydro power. 

We are most familiar with the alternative to microgrids, large scale utility grids. These large grid systems pull power from many larger distributed energy sources that are typically controlled by one centralized power authority. Tens of thousands of homes and businesses pull power from this larger grid network. While there are many safeguards in place, the reliability of the utility grid system is fully dependent on one power company. You are 100% dependent on another entity for your power generation.

Decentralized Power Production

Microgrids put your power generation into your own hands. While you can still benefit from being connected to the grind, your own microgrid gives you the ability to maintain critical systems as well as functioning at full capacity without the use of the larger grid.

A microgrid works in a similar way as the centralized grid but on a local scale. A microgrid can be as small or as large as needed. The technology to build complex systems with multiple power sources, energy storage and incorporating renewable energy has pushed localized microgrids to being more and more desirable. Battery systems can now manage and store power generated during the daytime with a commercial solar array. Those battery and solar systems can work without interruption and be backed up by a generator systems to make up the gap when more power consumption is required.

The Latest And Greatest In Technology

The fast growing adoption of these small energy networks are bringing in new innovators to the marketplace. Solar panels are becoming more efficient and longer lasting. Battery options are more robust and can store incredible amounts of energy in new lithium ion cells. Energy management systems have advanced to become smart technology that is amazing at creating high levels of energy efficiency. Generator backups now pair with automatic start switch that will power on when your battery systems are low and charge the system back to full power. The innovation list goes on and on for new technology that fits all sizes of businesses and networks.

Every business faces unique challenges and has a different needs to run the company effectively. The right system will build your business into a high-tech and resilient power retreat. Systems experts should be localized to your region to understand all of the climate and local challenges. You’ll find Gardner in the Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and the greater Intermountain West. 

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