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Commercial Solar ROI For Your Business

Understanding Commercial Solar Return On Investment

Commercial solar can save 75% or more off your energy costs. A commercial solar energy system can pay itself off in as little as 8 years. 

ROI gives you a simple look of how much money you’ll save over the entire 20 – 30 year lifetime of a solar energy system. A typical calculation will include

  • Utility kilowatt-hour rate and demand charges
  • Annual electricity bill without solar
  • Projected annual utility increase over time
  • Projected annual solar production
  • Value of rebates and tax incentives
  • Any  interest and loan costs

What is your return on investment when going solar?

Solar is a long-term investment with many years of energy savings. The upfront cost will pay for itself over time and after that benchmark is hit, your system will continue to produce and can drastically cut energy costs.

The installation cost can vary depending on the system and company installing the system. System components can range from very inexpensive, cheaply produced panels and inverters, all the way up to state of the art technology that’s reliable and time tested.

To maximize your system ROI its important not to cut any corners or to sacrifice quality. Since these systems are designed to last 20 years guaranteed and likely to still produce 30-40 years down the road, the short term expenses outweigh the long term benefits of a quality system.

When determining ROI consider installation costs, project size, preparation costs, warranties, and financing costs. Your energy system should be tailored to the exact specifications to hit your financial goals.

Choosing your solar installer

The main factors to consider when going solar

  • Licensing and Certification
  • Credible Reviews
  • Experienced Team
  • Quality products
  • Warranty offers

The industry today is filled with inexperienced companies and businesses that are taking advantage of tax credits in creative ways. Look for installers that have been in business for many years and have built their reputation on quality.

Factors in choosing the size of your system

  • The building size
  • Average energy use
  • Local climate
  • Roof size and orientation
  • ROI goals

Solar Energy Incentives, Rebates, Credits and More

The are so many ways to save on your commercial solar energy systems that its near impossible to keep up. For the best pricing and ROI on your commercial system you’ll want to take advantage of as many incentives as possible.

Commercial solar energy systems vary in size and output depending on your businesses needs. For the most up to date technology, pricing, incentives and rebates in the Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado are contact a Gardner sales rep.

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