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High Tech Commerical Power

High Tech Microgrid Systems For Business What is a microgrid? A microgrid is a network of electricity with a local source of power that supplies the system. These systems can be attached to the larger municipal grid or operate independently from the larger grid. In a microgrid all of the energy that is created, distributed, […]

Resilient Business With Solar Microgrid Technology

Resilient Business With Microgrid Technologies How solar microgrid technology improves your businesses resilience Advances in commercial solar, battery, natural gas generators and EV charger technology have been strengthening our energy landscape throughout Utah and the Intermountain West. Decentralized power production and energy storage makes it possible to create a self sufficient business for hours, days […]

How Corporate Social Responsibility Drives Revenue

Go Solar To Hit Your CSR Goals Going solar can build your companies corporate social responsibility image. More than ever customers, employees, executives and investors are looking for businesses that are creating profitable and sustainable futures.  Installing solar shows the world that you’re taking measures to move away from fossil fuels and to invest into […]